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TG Schulz Ltd. is a General Contracting and Management Company which grew to prominence in the depressed economy of the 1980s through a network of Architects, Engineers and investors who made money on our projects.

The Greater Vancouver Scene
The Greater Vancouver building market has some unique characteristics. Land is not plentiful due to its boundaries with the ocean, rivers, mountains and government imposed land use restrictions. Geo-technical considerations vary greatly throughout the lower mainland. There are very complex municipal by-laws and building code requirements that vary from district to district. We have successfully navigated every project weve undertaken in these districts. Our long term relationships with the various City Hall personnel have brought opportunities from building owners and other development parties who have been unable to clear the way to approval of their projects. For example, we recently took over a large industrial project where there were entire buildings and infrastructure projects finished and unfinished without the necessary plans and permits. This was a challenge because the client had offended the City officials. We were able to clear the problems, repair the relationship, and get final approval on seven related permits.

Aside from these relationships, knowledge has also been key. As a builder, Terry Schulz has achieved the highest level of mastery recognized in the industry today; a level of training and expertise shared by only a few people in all of Canada. This combined with the respect of and relationship with Architects, Engineers and other professionals have built crucial elements of successful project planning and completion.

TG Schulz Ltd. also is a direct partner of Complete Tubesteel Buildings LLP. With the western Canadian rights to Capital Steel Industries buildings, and product lines from Econospan and Versatube, we have an industrial competitive advantage over many other builders and developers. In other words, what other companies have to contract out, we can do in house.

Relationships and Integrity
All good and long term business is enabled through relationships built on trust, honesty and respect. We hold this to be of the highest importance with all people we do business with. Shareholders, stakeholders, tradesmen and all other parties involved in our day to day activities. We expect this from everyone, and offer it to everyone.

Client Testimonials
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